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San Sebastián is a wonderful city with many options to enjoy sustainably. Do you dare with these four proposals for an eco-friendly summer?:

  • Excursions through Mount Urgull and Mount Igueldo:
    Monte Urgull: This mountain offers well-marked trails that lead to spectacular views of the city and the ocean. In addition, you can visit the Castillo de la Mota and the English Cemetery. It is a perfect plan to enjoy nature without having to use motorized transportation.
    Monte Igueldo: You can go up on the funicular (which is a less polluting transportation option) and enjoy the panoramic views. You can also explore the trails and enjoy a picnic in nature.
  • City bike tour: San Sebastián is a very bike-friendly city, with numerous bike lanes and rental services. You can tour the city in a sustainable way, visiting La Concha Beach, Ondarreta Beach and Paseo Nuevo. It is an ecological and fun way to get to know the city and its surroundings.
  • Visit to local markets and sustainable gastronomy: Explore local markets such as Mercado de La Bretxa or Mercado de San Martín, where you can buy fresh and local products. Additionally, San Sebastián has several restaurants that focus on sustainable cuisine, using local and seasonal products. Opting for meals at these locations supports local producers and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting food.
  • Environmentally friendly water activities: Practice water sports such as paddle surfing, kayaking or surfing on the beaches of San Sebastián. These activities do not require motors and are a great way to enjoy the sea in a sustainable way. There are several local companies that offer equipment rentals and classes, promoting environmentally responsible practices.

Here’s to a green summer!